Clustered Index

1. A table can contain only one clustered index

2. On creation of primary key clustered index will be created automatically

3. Clustered index store the data in sequential order Dec /Asc

4. Clustered index can be applied to more than one columns that are called composite clustered index

Example Composite clustered index:

Create clustered index  emp_name_email on Employee(Name desc,Email asc)

Non clustered index

Non clustered index store in the different table with index column and row address

ID Name      Email


1  A

2  B

3  C

Non clustered index table


Name RowAddressed


B             Row Address

A clustered index is faster then nonclustered index why?

because of nonclustered index store data in the seprate table so it has to look to the main table for looking for other columns details so it will require on more lookup to the master table.



Posted by Deependra Kushwah

Deependra is a Senior Developer with Microsoft technologies, currently working with Opteamix India business private solution. In My Free time, I write blogs and make technical youtube videos. Having the good understanding of Service-oriented architect, Designing microservices using domain driven design.

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