Hello everyone, I hope everybody is aware of what I am talking about. Raspberry is quite famous in the word of IOT. Raspberry Pi is a credit card size computer, It uses only 5v DC power to run, you can also use the phone charger to run the Raspberry.

Now let’s talk about the main discussion point “How to connect your raspberry pi to SSH” I have installed raspberry pi 3.0 in my home to install pinhole and acting as a DNS server for my home network.

Follow these steps to connect to the raspberry pi

  1. Power up raspberry pi and connect to monitor using HDMI and also connect to the keyboard.
  2. Once pi up and running
  3. Go to the –>Menu–>Preferences–>Raspberry pi configuration
  4. raspiconfig_gui_01
  5.  Click on this option which will open configuration window
  6. Now select the interface tab which will show you list of options to enable/disable
  7. Enable SSH and close the window
  8. raspiconfig_gui_02.png
  9. Now go to the Pi terminal and type “ifconfig” command to know the IP address of your raspberry pi. Note down the IP Address to connect using SSH.
  10. wheezy_ifconfig.png
  11. Now jump to your client machine and open “putty
  12. Enter the  IP address of pi
  13. Default username: pi
  14. Default password: raspberry
  15. PuttyPi.PNG
  16. that’s all you should be able to connect the raspberry pi using and see the welcome screen with pi@pi~$.





Posted by Deependra Kushwah

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