T-SQL or Transact-SQL is a proprietary SQL extension (design query language). Additional features include high performance, maximum functionality, and greater globalization support.

Transaction SQL is a Microsoft SQL Server process implemented. It is widely compatible with SQL-92, so you are familiar with the second SQL provider, probably feel at home with SQL. Transk-ss stored procedures are used to retrieve data or execute a question in the database.

Transact- SQL stored procedure

The stored procedure is a server-side routine. When you understand, they give you strength and give you a great advantage. Contrary to the user-defined functions (UDF), the stored procedure has allowed side effects. Because you can change the data in the table of actions and even change the appreciation of the object you can not worry about, it works. The protected procedure can be used as a security layer. To overcome access to the elements to perform something that can not be stored in the state.

SQL Server 2008 supports a variety of stored procedures: a user-defined system and augmentation. You can create a stored procedure by the user and TSS or CLR.

Below are some applications that can create transmission SQL

  • General office productivity applications.

  • Graphical user interface (GUI) applications that are used to select tables and user data to select tables and data.
  • Databases of databases, where the data is mobilized from SQL Server adopted in different databases or distribution problems.
  • Data storage in data obtained from online transaction processing systems (OLTP) and summary analysis to support decisions.

More completely defined, do, SQL programming, is a mixture of several components, although integrated, component. Suppose you want to create an application and want to start designing and analyzing the database. And he developed the database in which he uses an authorized SQL statement or a tool for visual tool modeling. Later, you can request a complete set of configuration business in the table in your database running through Encoding in SQL. From here you can create: module processing and the processing module that supports the user interface using the storage method encrypted in SQL.

As mentioned above, SQL Server 2008 developers can store and consume any type of data on any device, and make all those users who wish to create new applications: in SQL. One of the functions offered to the host so they can make relevant decisions closely related to the observation. These are the main characteristics:

  • Variants of variables
  • Union of workers
  • Change of modification
  • New types of date and time data
  • New date and time characteristics
  • Describe the statement
  • Classification of composition
  • A table with parameter values
  • Large types of users: Daratikon
  • Cost table of construction assistance
  • Type of organization of the type of data
  • DDL detects the repair
  • CLR large user-defined presentations

SQL databases are a popular topic these days. For example, the data in Convert to SQL is more complex and is optimized for complex and large-scale technological problems. In order to learn this technology, great problems of comprehension and integral storage of data and mining conditions are also included. Some of the beginners who have knowledge of RDBMS can help some new concepts improve their accessibility.


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