Month: May 2018

Apple Sides With OLED Screen, Sending Shockwaves To LCD Suppliers

For so long Apple found it hard to choose between the LCD screen or OLED but finally that day came when the iPhone maker sided with OLED screens sending Japan […]

Apple Wants Siri To Respond For You, Patent Application Suggests

Apple is surely looking into ways to make Siri more helpful for the iPhone users. In its latest efforts, the Cupertino, California based company wants the Siri to be smarter […]

Huawei Is Invested In Groundbreaking Technology

Huawei have had a long journey of just being a telecommunication giant to a top notch smartphone maker Surely, the Chinese giant is blazing all guns when it comes to […]

HTC Exodus Is More Than An Android Phone – Its A Blockchain Device

If you were thinking that Blockchain technology was just a fad, give it a second thought as some of the biggest organisations in the world are swearing by the ground […]

Learn all about Android P!

Google has finally released the open beta for the next version of its mobile operating system! Introducing you the new features of Android P. If you have one of these […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Be Foldable

There are very few smartphone makers across the globe who keep the buzz around them alive throughout the year and Samsung is one of them. With only two months into […]

New iPad 9.7 Is The Gadget First Time Users Should Go For

Keeping aside the whole argument about the relevance of tablets in current market, Apple has launched its latest iPad 9.7-inch tab during an event in Chicago. The Cupertino, California based […]