New iPad 9.7 Is The Gadget First Time Users Should Go For

Keeping aside the whole argument about the relevance of tablets in the current market, Apple has launched its latest iPad 9.7-inch tab during an event in Chicago. The Cupertino, California based company impressed us with the productivity features it has siphoned in the new tablets along with the comparative affordability which the tablet offers over other gadgets from the house of Apple.


So, first thing first- Apple has not made such alterations in the form factor of the new iPad, keeping it similar to the one launched last year. To some, the thick bezel might be offending in the current situation when every other company is looking to launch a bezel-less gadget in the market. However, even before launching Apple made it very clear that the iPad was meant for the first-time users and students who attend classes every day. For both the group of users, aesthetic finesse takes a back seat because they are more concerned with the sturdiness and easy to hold features.

On that front, the new iPad is a bang for the buck.  Volume button, speakers, and the lighting have not been shifted from their previous spots and the gadget has once again come out of the metal body. Nevertheless, that does not amputate the charm of the iPad which is known for its elegance and sturdiness because the new iPad is as much delight to watch and hold as its predecessors. Latest iPad is available in two variations – Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi cellular with 32GB and 128 GB capacity. As of now, the device would be available in four shades including the Rose Gold.

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On Display front, iPad 9 recreates the magic just like its older siblings, equipped with the retina display which is one of the best displays out there in the market giving tough time to some of the biggest brands when it comes to offering a perfect display in their gadgets. Colors are neither very bold and itchy to the eyes nor do they leave a bad taste in the mouth. Rather display, once again is the perfect amalgamation of the crisp and sharp.

Another fascinating feature of the newest kid on the block is Pencil which again has not been trimmed of any of the previous features in the previous iPads. The pencil would let sketch, write and draw along with anything that can be done through fingers on the iPad. The Pencil is pressure sensitive and can be charged by removing the cap and plugging into the iPad’s lighting port.

A battery has been a USP of Apple iPads and iPad 9 does not break that legacy. On the exhaustive consumption, the battery lasts somewhere between 9 and 10 hours. In case, the iPad heats up a little on the rear, it would be best to close so heavy AR apps running in the background.

Overall, with iPad 9, Apple has come halfway in achieving its target of making a tab from the students’ and first-time users’ perspective. Well, for the tech Philomaths, there are not many seize – that – moment kind of features in iPad 9, but that does not make it a bland device with improved animations and AI as Apple has achieved its goal of focusing on students with the latest iPad.


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