Volkswagen will launch its ‘carsharing’ service in 2019, only with electric cars

It was being rumored in recent months and was later confirmed by the company without giving more information about it, but now we have more details about it: the Volkswagen carsharing service, which gets on the car of the eMov (of the PSA group – Peugeot and Citröen), Car2go (Daimler), Zity (Renault and Ferrovial) and company.

The project, known as We Share, will start in Berlin in 2019. They will do it by putting two models on the streets, the Volkswagen e-Golf and the Volkswagen Up! both in their 100% electric variants. The promise of the German group to launch a service with zero emissions is thus fulfilled.

2,000 cars in Berlin and more cities in 2020

Why Berlin as a pilot city? According to the company, because it is “ideal” due to its large size and high population density. In addition to sharing a country with the group’s headquarters, located in Wolfsburg.

The first cars to reach the project will be 1,500 units of the electric Golf, later will be another 500 units of the Up! Those who complete the first fleet. While the former has more power and interior space, the latter is much more compact and smaller, somewhat better when it comes to urban travel and can park easily.

The operation, the usual in these services that we have seen for years: reservation through a mobile application, and free parking throughout the city, without having to leave them at a specific point or in a particular deposit.

This launch is part of a Volkswagen strategy called “Digital Offensive.”

The following iterations of these models will replace the cars of this fleet as they arrive. This initiative is part of its so-called “digital offensive”, through which it will invest 3,500 million euros by 2025. By 2020, for now, we will reach more European and North American cities, without specifying at the moment.

Although Berlin is well suited to test such a service, Volkswagen will have to face stiff competition: recently merged Car2Go and DriveNow, Daimler and BMW properties respectively. Both offer 20,000 vehicles in 31 cities and already have four million registered users.


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