What is Uber Air Taxi

Due to the problem of road congestion in big cities, uber under its “Uber Elevate Program” is developing an aerial ride service. The launch markets are Dallas and Los Angeles. & they are looking for the third city. The cities which are under the consideration for this Uber Air Service include Tokyo, Osaka, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Sydney, Melbourne, Rio de Janerio, Sao Paulo, and Paris. The final announcement will be made in six months.


 By giving the example of Mumbai traffic, ERIC ALLISON, global CEO of Uber aviation program, said that normally it takes 100 minutes from Mumbai airport to Churchgate but we can do this in 10 minutes by air.  Uber Elevation plans to have a demonstration flight in 2020 and the final service will start in 2023.

 As this service will be beneficial for those stuck in traffic. But I don’t think everyone will be able to get this benefits. As the air ride will cost a bit high and not every person can afford that. Also, another thing that’s going to be harmed is our environment. The smoke produced directly in the air is going to damage the stratosphere, resulting in a diminishing of the ozone layer. As this process is going to start in cities with huge traffic, which are already very polluted and then these aerial rides are going to make the situation more worse. We are growing at a fast rate in the matter of technology but what about our environment ?????/


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