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Delete duplicate rows from SQL table

Delete duplicate rows from SQL table. How to delete duplicate rows without a primary key? Select only unique rows using CTE.  For the demonstration purpose, I have created a dummy database with employee table. which has […]

Let’s understand the Transact-SQL

T-SQL or Transact-SQL is a proprietary SQL extension (design query language). Additional features include high performance, maximum functionality, and greater globalization support. Transaction SQL is a Microsoft SQL Server process implemented. It is widely compatible […]

SQL interview questions part 1

What is SQL function? SQL functions are methods which accept parameters and perform the action, such as a complex calculation and return the result of that action as a value.the return value can either be […]

Domain model in Domain driven design

Hello everyone, In this article, we will focus on the Domain model an foundation of Domain Driven Design. Domain Model is a term you will hear a ton of Domain Driven Design. I think Domain […]

What is Row_Number() in SQL ?

Hello everyone, today I am going to discuss the Row_number feature in SQL server. what is Row_Number()? Row_Number is used to generate the number of each row dynamically in a sequential order based on some […]