Off-Track people!

Ever been so lost that a thought of being found scares you??Yes, Due to the daily grind of work 90% people of our Community is going through dis-orientation…they are working actively but deep down they don’t know what they are working for…is it for Earning bread and butter??..No,it shouldn’t be because these are necessity need for surviving not for living…then what is basically necessary?have you ever focused on that?…No,because we people are so lost and gone astray that we  don’t even know the real meaning of necessary that is “Happiness”…if you can’t gain it while working from 9 to 5…then your work is pointless,in Vain,to no purpose….look! money is essential,but who knows what tomorrow holds?….you are working day and night for making the perfect plan of doing investments…what if you do it rightly but can’t have that much output,your company gain loss? is an Orbit…Happiness is not…money is worldly rotating piece of paper while happiness is a built-in function that we human being doesn’t bother to use it,although it is cost less…So take some time and think that this simple word doesn’t always need to be present there,you must create it by yourself…if your inner soul is peaceful by the environment you are working in…then you don’t need to be afraid of being found…because you are on the right track…so take 10 min from your daily Drudgery and think!


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An ordinary girl who loves to have fantasies in a Realistic world

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