Which IT profiles will enter the Fintech?

One of the terms that are becoming increasingly popular in Mexico’s IT industry is “Fintech”, a word derived from “finance technology”, a nascent industry in which companies require professionals who know of technologies such as big data., cryptocurrency, mobile banking, among others.

A fact that can give us an idea of the situation that this trend lives in the country, are the data published by Fintech Radar, which highlights that only in the last year and a half. Mexico has been located as one of the leading countries in promoting startups related to Fintech, in the Latin American region, since in this country there are 238 Mexican companies identified in this sector.

Fintech companies, due to their rapid growth and impact, require IT profiles that offer solutions for users, so below we share some of the experts that are most required in this sector:


Mobile developers.

Due to the demand for personal finance solutions and mobile payments is increasing, this driven by new generations looking for mobile experiences.

Experts in UX and UI.

They are responsible for providing unique experiences to users, through the design of pages, mobile applications or more intuitive web platforms.

Professionals in Artificial Intelligence.

They create mechanisms to solve problems or perform a service as a human expert would.


Professionals in computer security.

Through the use of sensitive data hackers and thieves will be present, in this situation the experts in computer security must be a fundamental part. An important fact to know the relevance of this position is the research of the IBM X-Force team to reveal that the financial services industry was attacked more than any other sector in 2016. “65% more than the average organisation in all the industries”.

Intelligence Analyst.

One of the newest profiles, and who will be responsible for writing research and information-based reports that combine patented data with external data sets. Likewise, understand and develop analysis and ideas towards the future for the financial services sector, including developments in insurance, banking, payments and, potentially, in other areas, including blockchain technology.

It must be borne in mind that IT professionals who wish to enter not only require technical skills but also have to rely on other types of skills, such as financial knowledge, marketing or agile methodologies, to achieve success in this fast-growing sector.


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