DextrES, the Haptic Glove lets you hold the Virtual Object

A new Haptic Gloves would enable the users to touch the Virtual objects reportedly. Apparently, the scientists from EPFL and ETH Zurich have succeeded in designing new Haptic Gloves which would help the user to touch the Virtual Objects. Named as DextrES, the new gloves work on the recent technology.

Feel the Object

The gloves are nothing but the elastic metal strips with the integration of thin insulator on the inside. As the Virtual Objects need the simulation, the voltage difference is applied to the metal strips, binding them together. Simply put, if you wear the gloves and want to feel the virtual object, you would be able to close your fingers only to a certain limit. This would create the idea that you are actually holding that object. However, once the object is lifted, the wearer would be able to move the finger freely.

Otmar Hilliges, head of the Advanced Interactive Technologies Lab at ETH Zurich stated that the Human Sensory system is developed and at the same time quite complex. He said that, “We have many different kinds of receptors at a very high density in the joints of our fingers and embedded in the skin. As a result, rendering realistic feedback when interacting with virtual objects is a very demanding problem and is currently unsolved. Our work goes one step in this direction, focusing particularly on kinesthetic feedback.”

The Pressure sensitivity offered by the Gloves is one of the major highlights wherein the wearer can feel the shape and form of the object he is holding. The company is deploying the Magnetic Planner to identify the movement of the fingers along with its position. Compared to the earlier VR Gloves, this is the most viable solution but could also be the most expensive one. As of now, the company has not talked about the pricing of the product.  Let us just wait and see if the company actually pushes it for the commercial manufacturing.


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