Questions and Answers for the interview of iOS developers: Part 4

What is the difference between a border and borders (frame and bound)?

The boundaries in the UIView are a rectangle with a location (x, y) and a size (width, height) relative to its own coordinate system (0,0).

The frame in UIView is a rectangle with a location (x, y) and size (height, width) relative to the element in which it is contained.

What is the Responder Chain?

Responder Chain is a hierarchy of objects, which can respond to received events.

What are regular expressions?

Regular expressions are special pattern strings that describe how to search in a string.

What is an operator overload?

Overloading operators allow us to change the interaction of existing operators with existing types.

What is TVMLKit?

TVMLKit is the connection between TVML, JavaScript and the native tv application.

What are the limitations of the tvOS platform?

First, tvOS does not support browsers, and therefore you will not be able to use WebKit or another web rendering engine. This means that your application will not be able to refer to a web browser at all, including web links, OAuth, or social networking sites.

Secondly, tvOS applications can not explicitly use local storage. When you start the product, the devices come with a hard drive, either 32 GB or 64 GB, but applications are not allowed to save files to the device directly.

The bundle of a tv application cannot exceed 4 GB.

What are the functions?

The functions allow us to group a series of statements to accomplish a task. Once the function is created, you can use it in the code again and again. If you find repetitive statements in the code, the function can become a means against this repetition.

Tip: Good functions take input and return the output. Bad functions set common variables and rely on other functions.

What is ABI?

ABI (binary application interfaces) is essential when it comes to applications that use external libraries. If the program is created to use a specific library, and this library will be later updated, then you will need to recompile this application (and from the perspective of the end user, you generally may not have the source code). If the updated library uses the same ABI, then your program will not need to be changed.

Why is the design pattern significant?

Design patterns are reusable solutions for common problems in creating applications. These templates are designed to help you write simple code that you can use again and again. The most common design patterns for Cocoa:

Single-parent (singleton);

structural – Decorator, Adapter, Facade;

Behavioral – Observer (Observer) and the keeper (Memento).

What is a singleton?

This design pattern ensures that there is only one instance for this class and that there is a global access point for this instance. Usually, it uses lazy loading to create a single instance when it is necessary for the first time.



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