Microsoft ASP.NET 4.5 Features

Microsoft’s ASP.NET, a standout amongst the best web application development framework ever. You can utilize ASP.NET to quickly create and convey very versatile, elite web applications in a managed situation. […]

Web API and WCF the Most poppuler Frameworks of Microsoftt

  Created by Microsoft with.NET, WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), provides platforms to build secure and reliable service. While Web API framework is used to make HTTP service and is used […]

.NET and Its Advantages / Disadvantages

Developed by Microsoft, .NET is a framework used to support the development and maintenance of apps and XML services. It includes mobile, desktop, and web apps that run on the […]

How to Multi-select files on Mac?

How to Multi-select files on Mac? Having trouble in selecting a group of files in Mac OS X Finder? Don’t worry, you are not alone, it’s common among most of […]

Top 5 Free Duplicate File Finder Apps for Mac Revised

Top 5 Free Duplicate File Finder Apps for Mac Revised Sometimes it is necessary to free storage space on a computer. One option is to know how to find duplicate […]

Connect to raspberry pi using ssh

Hello everyone, I hope everybody is aware of what I am talking about. Raspberry is quite famous in the word of IOT. Raspberry Pi is a credit card size computer, […]

What is Row_Number() in SQL ?

Hello everyone, today I am going to discuss the Row_number feature in SQL server. what is Row_Number()? Row_Number is used to generate the number of each row dynamically in a […]

Clustered vs Non clustered index

Clustered Index 1. A table can contain only one clustered index 2. On creation of primary key clustered index will be created automatically 3. Clustered index store the data in […]

ASP.NET interview questions and answers

Which is the parent class of the Web server control? The System.Web.Ul.Control class is the parent class for all Web server controls. In which event are the controls fully loaded? […]

Download/Upload files using FTP in C#

        What is FTP?  FTP(File transfer protocol)  is a client-server protocol that relies on two communications channels between client and server: a command channel for controlling the […]