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Follow the best practices for high-performance SEO

  • A title should be eye-catching
  • Use google suggestions to pick your keyword
  • The keyword should be used in the article at least 6 to 7 times
  • Give preference to active voice over passive voice
  • At least one H2 tag should be used in the article
  • A paragraph should not be more than three lines
  • Try to divide article in subheadings
  • Use at least one H2 tag in the article
  • At least one image should be inserted between the article
  • Use H3 for subheading
  • Encourage readers to provide the comments and concerns about the article

Follow the listed instructions to meet the website standards

  • Post title should be unique for every article
  • Maximum four images can be uploaded per post
  • Minimum Image size should be 800X445
  • Maximum Image size should be 900X900
  • Feature image size must be 800X445
  • you are not advised to use the copyright images
  • Once you submit the post. It goes to the admin for review. before it gets published.
  • A submitted post will be  reviewed under 24 hours of submission time
  • Admin is authorized to alter the contents of the article to meet the standard of the website and, for high-performance SEO best practices.
  • Feature image can be set using the Add Media icon 

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