Analysis of ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’: a more than worthy ending to the saga

The trilogy of the new era of Lara Croft ends with a more human protagonist.

Lara Croft is of video games! The unforgettable saga, which began its journey in 1996, lived a reboot of three installment in 2013. Its third and last title,  Shadow of the Tomb Raider  (Xbox One, PlayStation 4  and  Windows PC / Steam) has recently been released) that closes the trilogy in a spectacular way, and that does not disappoint the fans. This is our analysis, in this case of the PS4 version.


Shadow of the Tomb Raider starts right after the events of the last title, Rise of the Tomb Raider. Recover the dark tone that has marked this saga so much, with a Lara Croft that was foolish and understood that, to survive, you had to go with more than good intentions. In fact, and without entering much into spoilers, becomes a looter of graves, must survive in the dangerous jungle, solve mysterious puzzles.

But, at the same time, Croft is also in this adventure something like the most human Lara of the saga. In your dangerous situation, you will have time to analyze if what you do is good, what has happened until then … And you will have to act quickly.

All an adventure


The game works, both for fans of the saga and for those not initiated into this adventuress that many consider being the precursor of Uncharted. On this occasion, the Eidos Montreal studio was in charge of its development, since Crystal Dynamic (the previous manager) is immersed in other projects. The change, however, is not too noticeable; Eidos manages to give rhythm, action and a more human touch to the title that makes the sea interesting.

Caves, jungle, underwater world … the title presents a great adventure space where the scenarios shine above all: the lighting in some tombs and jungle areas borders on excellence, although in some landscapes and animations a little is neglected this field. In optimization, there is still a long way to go, but in general, it is a technically remarkable title.


In sound little to reproach (the game is dubbed into Castilian), and in history it is often said. It also includes an interesting photo mode where you can take snapshots, an excellent time to observe the level of detail of some scenarios and, for example, the fire.


In short,  Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a  more than worthy ending to the current saga. It maintains the spirit of that warrior that so many hearts have broken, and that so many hours of adventure has given to the consoles. With excellent gameplay, maybe the game is small in optimization, not resulting in around the story, but it does descend to the earthly world a heroine who also has a human side and, as in each delivery it allows you to enjoy hours of fun and adventure.


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