JUMP – The Red Shining Electric Bike Uber is interested in

Jump, the electric Bike looks like stylish and at the same time does not fit in the conventional Bike design. However, Nick Foley, the head of Product believes that the Red color is not just meant for catching everyone’s attention. He added that people should start seeing Bikes as the major part of Urban Transportation. While, the features and specifications of a vehicle is something that people are inclined towards, they almost never overlook the Bright colors. Foley believes that to get someone buy something, it is the form-factor that comes majorly in play.

JUMP expands in 13 Cities

The company wants to retain the attention of even those who have never thought of being the professional bikers. As of now JUMP is running 4,000 bikes in total 13 cities, including the major ones like San Francisco, Chicago and New York. Moreover, JUMP bikes also get the permit from the City Authorities to lock their Bikes to fixed post on the sidewalk. The innovative Bike and easy solution to brave the traffic sure did earn the attention of none other than Uber.
Uber bought the JUMP this year in April with CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announcing that JUMP will be expanded in Berlin followed by other cities in Europe by the end of this year. Keeping good on its promise, the Ride Hailing company also announced the sketch to release the public charging stations for the JUMP Bikes. Recharge stations would boost the adoption rate of the bikes. Most of the people keep away from the electric vehicles due to inappropriate infrastructure. Uber further stated that they are setting aside $10 million in sustainability mobility fund along with the partnership with Sharedstreets. It would be done to draw framework for how private transport companies such as Uber share data.

Answer to growing Traffic?

Coming back to JUMP, the bike is 44 inches tall and 69.3 inches wide. 24.6 inches handlebars from end to end and large basket are some of the features that set JUMP apart. JUMP comes with GPS integration, 250w motor and Shimano braking system. The capacity to cover distance is 30 miles on a single charge. At a time when traffic congestion has become a global problem and so has the emission of harmful gases, the super stylish JUMP could be the answer in a major way.


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