Spotify finds his iPhone on Samsung

Three years ago, since Apple introduced Apple Music and posed a threat to Spotify, who completely dominated the streaming music market, only with some inconsequential cloud called Google Play Music.

Since then, Spotify has only grown and has gone from 110 million users to the 180 million announced a few weeks ago. Of them, slightly less than half are paid, about 70 million. Now, a few months after its IPO, it has finally a strategic partner, the piece that was missing to continue the fight against Apple: Samsung. And also, in a “long-term agreement”.

Apple Music had the advantage of being pre-installed in millions of phones sold every year, now Spotify cuts distances allying with the Samsung Galaxy.

Beyond the powerful brand image that is supposed to carry “Apple” in the name of a service, do not underestimate the advantage that comes pre-installed on a mobile phone. Apple has the iPhone, and now Spotify has the Galaxy. And let’s not forget, also the Galaxy have Spotify, much better than the ephemeral and inconsequential initiative Samsung Milk, registered in where oblivion lives.

The Galaxy is the most sold phones in the world, Samsung closed 2017 with more than three hundred million units sold. The vast majority, smartphones. From now on they will come with Spotify pre-installed and an exclusive agreement that extends to all the company’s devices.

It is striking that there was no agreement with the newly presented YouTube Music

One of the fundamental questions is why Spotify has been, and not YouTube Music, Google’s brand-new product, the chosen partner. Samuel Fernandez, of Engadget Mobile, believes that the motivation has been purely economic since the relations between Samsung and Google have been “a constant tug-of-war but are better than ever lately”.

Enrique Pérez, also of Engadget Mobile, considers that “Google is an all or nothing”, and an alliance with YouTube Music would cause that Samsung entered in a spiral of excessive services, being Spotify a more flexible option and with greater reputation.

Presumably, in the coming times, we can learn more details of the agreement, whose minor information were omitted during the presentation of the Galaxy Note 9.


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