Swap two variable without using the third variable

using System; namespace Swap { class Program { private static void Main(string[] args) { int a = 1000; int b = 999; Console.WriteLine("Before Swap"); Console.WriteLine("Value of A :{0} ", a); Console.WriteLine("Value of B :{0} ", b); a = a + b; b = a - b; a = a - b; Console.WriteLine("After Swap"); Console.WriteLine("Value of … Continue reading Swap two variable without using the third variable

Solid Principles of OOP

Object oriented programming has 5 basic rules that we called solid rules where s stands for Single Responsibility Principle,o stand for Open Close principle,l stand for Liskov Substitution Principle,I stand for Interface Segregation Principle and the last but not lease is  Dependency Inversion Principle. If you want to use object oriented design in your application … Continue reading Solid Principles of OOP