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Testers (software testers) have experienced great changes in their work environment, due to the growth that mobile and business applications have had. Besides organizations, at present, appreciate the value of structured tests of their applications before being published.

This scenario requires that the Testers specialize in various types and levels to perform tests. In addition to the specialization in each area makes the value of this professional increase.

The most popular areas in which you can specialize are:

Performance Testing.

In this specialization, the Tester is responsible for knowing how the system works under certain workloads, whether stable or receptive.

Manual Testing.

The professional must adopt a vision closer to the user since he tests all the functions of the program to look for defects. Testers do not use tools in this area.

Automated Testing.

The Tester assumes the function of writing scripts so that the automation significantly reduces the amount of manual work.

Business Analyst.

With a more focus in the business area, the employee is responsible for analysing and evaluating the business model and workflows in the company. As a BA, it will integrate these models and workflows with technological tools.

In addition to these profiles. The Tester can specialize in the tools with which it works. It has a wide range of opportunities because there is a wide variety of functional tools, performance and security tests.

Concentrating attention on specific skills allows the professional to excel in the labor market. Currently, the demand for experts who master the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and who have knowledge of computer security is increasing.

Other skills that are sought are in the area of test automation, among which we can highlight programming languages for scriptings such as Perl, Shell or Python.

The knowledge update is a continuous process. Several community websites such as Stickyminds, QAForums offer an excellent overview of various facets of the field for Testers.


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